Match report

East Kilbride 22 – 30 Oban Lorne

October 14, 2023

After the thrilling adventure in La France for the Amateur World cup, Oban Lorne RFC is back for there first game in the local league. With the weather in there favour, the team journeyed to engage in their first epic battle. This battle of epic proportion unfolded on the hallowed turf of East Kilbride RFC. Fans, players, and even the referees had their wits ready to do what they do best – enjoy the game of rugby. East Kilbride, an unfamiliar territory, Oban lorne RFC must put in the work to get a desired outcome. The referee whistle was all the boys need to get the game started.  In a heart-pounding display of physicality and skill, two rugby titans clashed. The atmosphere was electric, and the tension in the air was palpable. In a battle of champions, victory can go either way. With a crink start, Oban Lorne RFC was 5-points down. As always, the fantastic Oban Lorne pulled through with a sneaky come-back by Connor Taylor, slipping through the cracks of East Kilbride’s defense. George Ritchie sealed it off with an amazing conversion. The roar from the Oban Lorne RFC was a resounding echo of dominance. The physicality from the players were intense, and the supporter could feel the heat. This was a wake up call for the Oban Lorne RFC as they charged on. The scrums were fiercely contested throughout the match, with both teams displaying incredible strength and technique. Oban Lorne RFC scrummaging kept getting better with Tim Awberry giving the team a big push. 

Mid-way into the first half, Oban Lorne RFC displayed nice passes, and Robert Wallace finishing off with another try. First half was a battle of elephants with East Kilbride RFC scoring a penalty. Last 20 minutes got more intense, a yellow card to our host, with few punches flying about. At the end of the first half, Oban Lorne RFC was quick to stamp there flag in unknown terrority leading with one more try by Ewan Shearer to round up with 15:17.

East Kilbride RFC was keen to challenge Scotland’s finest at the second half. Another 40 minutes to show who’s a step closer claiming the title.  A nice come-back by East Kilbride RFC, splitting our defense to score a try, an a successful conversion.  Oban lorne was resolute to stay calm and win this for the club, for Oban and for themselves. Penalty to Oban Lorne RFC and George Ritchie was happy to send the ball home. A few floppy moves by Oban Lorne RFC with a disallowed try by Blair. Nothing withstanding Ewan compensated the team with yet another try. Chris  Simpson sealed off our victory with  the last try. Game ended with Connor Taylor tagged man of the match. Oban Lorne RFC emerged victorious with a final score of 22-30 in a nail-biting contest that had fans on the edge of their seats. The match was an uproarious display of sportsmanship, reminding the West League 1 that Oban Lorne RFC is a force to reckon with, an chance winning the league, and possibly called Champions at the end of this season. 

Key Statistics:

  • Possession: East Kilbride RFC [45%] – [55%] Oban Lorne RFC
  • Tries: East Kilbride RFC [3] – [5] Oban Lorne RFC
  • Scored Penalty Kicks: East Kilbride RFC [1] – [1] Oban Lorne RFC
  • Conversions: East Kilbride RFC [2] – [1] Oban Lorne RFC

Match Analysis: Oban Lorne RFC demonstrated their prowess with a well-rounded performance, effectively controlling possession and capitalizing on opportunities. East Kilbride RFC displayed resilience and fought hard, but Oban Lorne RFC defensive line held strong.

Conclusion: The match was a gripping showcase of rugby excellence, with both teams leaving it all on the field. The Oban Lorne RFC’s victory solidified their standing as a top contender in the league, while East Kilbride RFC showed their determination and fighting spirit. Rugby fans were treated to a memorable contest that will be talked about for weeks to come.